We’re a pretty typical family of five, only we have a dream of quitting the 9-5 for a journey around the world.

Read on to find out more about our tribe:

Toby sitting under a tree smiling


Hi there, I’m Andy and I’m the oldest and daftest of the Warburton gang. I’m a designer and love making things both physical and virtual.. I’m currently training hard for my first ever marathon and love nothing more than getting out on the open road and pounding the pavement on my weekly long run. When I’m not running you’ll find me in the gym or consuming my body weight in coffee.


Hello, I’m Steph – I’m the mum, and sole female member of the Warburton tribe. I keep these four mucky boys in check and make sure they’re all being kind, respectful and caring. I absolutely love coffee and can’t make it through the day without a good strong cup of joe! I’m passionate about travel and alternative parenting methods.


Hello, I’m ten years old and was born back in England, although I’ve lived in Amsterdam since I was two years old! I speak both Dutch and English. I love hanging out with my friends, playing and watching football (Ajax are my favourite team) and of course, playing video games on my Nintendo Switch!


Hi everyone, I’m five and was also born in Amsterdam. I’m the middle kid, and definitely the most sociable. I love running around, jumping climbing and being active. I also love meeting new people. I’m the bravest of all the brothers! My nickname is “Happy” because I’m always smiley and happy, except for when I’m tired.


Hi, I’m three years old and was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’m the youngest of the Warburton brothers, but that doesn’t mean I’m the quietest! I love my two big brothers and trying new food!